Hot Lunch Program

Our school is able to offer families a five-day hot lunch program. Daily white or chocolate milk is also an option. We utilize relationships with many local businesses and restaurants to facilitate hot lunch for a daily charge of $5.00 per meal.

Our current vendors include:

  • Mama Maria’s Pizzeria (Bensenville)
  • McDonald’s (Bensenville)
  • Joey C’s Deli (Bensenville)
  • Scooby’s (Bensenville)

Families place orders by the month. A student can order either one meal or all of them, it’s your choice. An example hot lunch menu can be found here.


Hot Lunch:
Each day of hot lunch is $5.00 per meal (subject to change per vendor costs).

Milk Program:
For a fee of $60, for the whole year, a student will receive one milk each day. Milk is not included with hot lunch.


While we are not currently preparing food in-house, we do have a fully certified kitchen that is inspected by the Dupage County Health Department multiple times per year.