Financial Aid

Zion-Concord Lutheran School, with the support of Zion Lutheran Church, has established a tuition assistance program to help families afford the cost of Christian education.  Our hope is that no family will be prevented from sending their child to our school, due to financial considerations. With that being said, our funds are limited. If you are interested in tuition assistance, we advise you to apply for admission as early as possible for the next year. Our financial assistance program is intended for families with children in Kindergarten through 8th grade.

We want to make Christ-centered education available to as many families as possible. Each year, Zion-Concord Lutheran School is able to provide funds for tuition assistance.  All financial aid is awarded based on demonstrated need and is assessed through an independent, third-party service provider.

Priority for tuition assistance awards will be given to applicants who complete both the registration processes for the following school year, by June 1st.

Families seeking tuition assistance are responsible for contacting our Principal via phone or email. The Principal will work on a case by case basis with each family to ensure both the needs of the family and the requirements of the school have been met. The family will be responsible for submitting the required financial documentation to the Principal upon your meeting. Both parents of the student must complete the process before assistance can be considered.  All aspects of the financial aid process for your family are kept confidential.  Information provided to the school principal is handled in the strictest confidence. We also require that all financial aid awards to your family remain confidential, known only to you and school administrative staff.

Tuition assistance only reduces tuition costs. Each family will remain responsible for registration and other fees, as well as any portion of tuition not covered through tuition assistance. Each year, families must reapply for assistance using the same assessment process. Due to changes in family financial situations and resources available, families may receive awards that are greater or lower than the previous year. Active Member Discounts are not considered a form of financial assistance, but are instead, a benefit of being a member of Zion-Concord Lutheran School that has met attendance requirements.

Applications for need-based tuition assistance for the 2023-2024 academic school year are now open.